Consult Fix Physio For Physiotherapy

There are numerous physiotherapists in Australia, but Fix Physio should be your go to physiotherapist, and this is because they are the most accommodating and friendly team of health professionals that you can ever meet. Some of the factors that make them one of a kind are: that they employ any latest development in online physiotherapy consultation, they have a three session policy- that if patients don’t improve by their designed set of training, then they stop and look for other ways to treat. One of the biggest misconceptions regarding doctors and physiotherapist are that they often communicate using medical terminology that mostly common people who have no know how of it fail to understand.

So the team at Fix Physio really caters to this and when you meet them to discuss your case, they will explain you things in the most simplest of words as they believe that progress can only be made if the patient and he physiotherapist are both aware of the condition and make join efforts to improve it. The exercise they usually do with their patients that can be continued even after you have recovered from the injury let’s say and want your bones and muscles to remain fit and active. In addition to these general exercise, the experts they have on team will plan activities and session that address the individual needs of patients, for instance a session for someone who had a foot injury is going to be completely different from someone who had a surgery of the hip joint. The diverse kinds of patients they treat them, adds on to their experience as physiotherapist, something that is rare to find.

Meet the team at Fix Physio

For any fitness center, or clinic to deliver its patients with the best of treatment, it is important that the team they have on board share the same vision, and one can confidently say this about Fix Physio. The owner Mike Blackwell is a physiotherapist himself, with numerous other physiotherapists on board such as: Will Dao, who sits in the clinic for three days a week i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. This is because that many of the physiotherapists they have at the center also work at various hospitals across Australia. Penny Elliot and Alice Prescott are also great additions to physiotherapists on team. Both the physiotherapist are masters in their domains, with numerous years of experience.

So if by now you have decided to contact Fix Physio, here are a few reasons as to why you must. They are thorough professionals when it comes to dealing with patients. They are located in central CBD and hence are accessible to people from all across the city within no time. There timings are extended way more than what physiotherapists usually have, so that you can make time for your session after a day at work. They are open five days a week from seven in the morning to evening.